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2nd Saturday every month

Charity Shop special opening

See our News Page for details of the special opening of the local RSPCA charity shop, plus recent events and press coverage.

Trans Day of Remembrance

The Trans Day of Remembrance is celebrated around the 20th of November every year. See our News Page for details of the 2013 ceremony.

Equal Marriage

The law has finally been changed to allow equal marriage for all: a very important issue for some trans people See the response we submitted to the Home Office Consultation in May 2012.

LGBT History Month

Croydon Trans Group joined with other LGBT groups in Croydon to celebrate LGBT History Month (February 2013).

Two Croydon-born pioneers

We remember Roberta Cowell (1918–2011) and Georgina Somerset (1923–2013). Both served in the war as men, both had their birth certificates changed and lived as women, but their stories are very different.

Talking about trans people

A member of Croydon Trans Group arranges talks to community groups about trans people, our lives and experiences. Contact us for more details.

Social and Support for TV TS People

Every month on the second Saturday we hold a monthly get-together in a local pub from 8 pm to provide support in a safe environment for Transsexuals, Cross dressers, Intersex or however you choose to identify yourself. If you are transgendered in some way, whether you are Female to Male or Male to Female, we are here to help you.

Anyone is welcome, particularly new people, and it would be nice to see a few more faces from the past again as well. We're a small but very friendly and relaxed bunch, like a little family really, and new people particularly are always made to feel really welcome.

We're currently trying out some new venues: contact us on one of the phone numbers below or by e-mail and we'll tell you where the next meeting will be.

If you have not been to a TG get-together before, and perhaps feel a little nervous, you are welcome to come along dressed as whichever gender you are more comfortable as for the first time if you prefer.

Partners, particularly, as well as friends and family members or genuine observers who have a specific reason for wanting to attend, are always very welcome. However this is not a pickup joint, so please no admirers.

If you want to know more information or you would like to come along and meet us you can either drop us an e-mail at or phone us on 07801 414887, 07952 072701, or 07952 812051.

Hope to see lots of you there!


New for 2014: Trans Pals

Trans Pals is our new friendly group for beginners. See our Trans Pals page for more information.